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Palpable excitement coupled with methodical purpose describes best the atmosphere of HackFest STT! Following only one week in the wake of St. Croix’s event, the St. Thomian hackathon saw an impressive increase of participants; soaring from eleven students to eleven teams. Included in this year’s roster were also many repeat-hackers, with several having served through all three years! This tradition-defining momentum will continue with the upcoming Design Slam and 13D competition beginning this October where NEARiX, and the entire territory, will be watching with great anticipation!  

The U.S. Virgin islands is home to many unique and long-lived traditions – hackathons now included!  2017 will see the fourth annual HackFest come to pass – a milestone event and educational tradition bringing immeasurable pride to all at NEARiX. The privilege to disrupt, witness and guide new standards of academic excellence resonates with the core of NEARiX values and in the months to come the intellectual landscape of the territory will surely be unrecognizable as the NEARiX / UVI relationship extends far beyond university and island boundaries.

“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.” – Malcolm X


Best Hack – “GourNet”

Most Impactful – “NutriSmart“

Most Innovative – “Binaural Healing Waves“


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