The New Age of Hiring

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Evolution of technological disruption is most readily visible across front page headlines and press events of global scale. Behind the scenes, however, the very foundation of disruption is being rewritten. No longer are companies limited by historical precedent of institutional filtering; instead now turning to algorithmic analysis for talent acquisition. Programs such as HackerRank, a merit-based ranking system for coders, help ensure positions are filled by those most qualified, regardless of traditional academic background and other limiting factors.

NEARiX has maintained such a hiring philosophy since its inception – continuously seeking out the best the VI has to offer. As new means for personal and corporate representation evolve, NEARiX shall be at the vanguard; bolstering new opportunities for minds yet to realize their full potential. The ability to author one’s own path through the realm of technology is a disruptive privilege in and of itself; an exciting modus operandi shared by all who call NEARiX home.

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