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HackFest 2016 is underway! Following an evening of orientation and creative brainstorming, participants on St. Croix wasted no time in tackling the many challenges surrounding Health and Wellness across both the university and territorial stage. Hundreds of ideas were methodically formalized into teams and after six hours of conceptual authoring and wireframing resulted in presentations encompassing a refreshingly broad range of technological application; including augmented reality and advanced sensor / camera utilization.

The atmosphere of a hackathon is one of creativity and both personal and communal education. Whether a new student or seasoned industry veteran, all in attendance walk away with invaluable new perspective, contacts and personal ambition. While teams deliberated in seclusion, judges and community members were afforded opportunity to discuss St. Croix and the VI as a whole – theorycrafting political and technological solutions for the future. It is this atmosphere of cooperative synergy across all boundaries which NEARiX is of most proud.

Having seen first hand the bi-directional impact of Hackathon events years passed, NEARiX saw fit to expand its role for 2016 immeasurably. Recipients of “Best Hack” for both St. Croix and St. Thomas shall be afforded the opportunity to work hand-in-hand with NEARiX developers across the remainder of their design process. This investment of time is representative of the confidence and excitement shared by both NEARiX and UVI for students of all ages and the ever-growing technological potentiality that is the U.S. Virgin Islands.

The momentum continues September 16th in St. Thomas; Congratulations to all involved!

Best Hack – “MacKrigger”


Most Impactful – “Mommy Dearest”

Most Innovative – “Holistic Practitioners”

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