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The topic of St. Croix’s data network is often shrouded in confusion. What questions should be asked of its guardians? What expectations of its future should be had? Such were the questions posed to NEARiX when invited by the St. Croix Chamber of Commerce to assist in the authoring of the “Ask Them Yourself” ISP Panel (hosted at The Palms, 5/19/16).  

Taking the shape of a moderated forum followed by Q&A, the panel sought to both inform and educate those in attendance in regards to the state of network affairs, action plans for addressing present challenges, and immediate goals for the future of the VI Data Network. Leaders from Innovative, viNGN, Broadband VI and Orbitel LLC spoke throughout the evening on their company’s individual responsibilities as well as cooperative efforts in St. Croix and the territory.

With data having quickly become the life-blood of modern society the need for social-technological awareness has become ever more prominent. Perhaps the most important consensus to come of the evening was the agreement by all that education will, and must, play a crucial role in the months and years to come if St. Croix, and the entire U.S. Virgin Islands, is to succeed in creating a network capable of holding its own against benchmarks of the world.

Panel participants included Shawn O’Donnell (Innovative, CEO & President), Dr. Peter Schultz (viNGN, Interim CEO & President), Mike Melusky (BBVI, Partner & General Manager) and Alfred F. Hankins Jr. (Orbitel LLC, Vice President)

Moderators: Christopher Finch and RMP (NEARiX)

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